Knoxtopia is a Savage Worlds super hero game set in an alternate modern day version of the Knoxville area of Tennessee.

Where the timeline diverged and important dates:

The nuclear bomb was not the only great weapon of war created. It was in the same year that the human genetic code was unlocked when the US military created the first Powerfully Enhanced Trooper, to aid in the war against Germany and Japan. Unbeknownst to the world (and the military scientist) once the genetic code was broken it could never be repaired and humans around the world started manifesting unusual powers.

Military reports are released showing that a top secret wave emitting generator was successfully tested at ground zero of the Nagasaki nuclear bomb drop site. By 1965, the government plans on using this technology to create protective Radiation walls (R-wall) to protect several key US locations. Due to certain architectural and structural requirements needed for the R-wall several obvious locations are quickly disqualified, and three locations are selected: Knoxville, Tennessee (actually Oak Ridge since that was where the technology was created), Chicago, Illinois (as the largest city that met the architectural/structural requirements of the R-wall), and Las Vegas, Nevada (for its economical importance).

First and largest R-wall created surrounding Knoxville (R-wall is approximately 47 miles from east to west and 49 miles from north to south).

Chicago and Las Vegas R-walls are completed. In a show of good faith the US offers to build R-walls around London, England; Calgary, Canada; and Zurich, Switzerland. All three are completed in 1963 and are maintained by a small contingency of US troops.

Due to its fully enclosed nature and nearly self-autonomous economy, Knoxville, is official granted the right to be its own self-sufficient government under the protection of the USA, but not directly privy to its laws. The official petition for city-state status was filed in 1960, and immediately ran into much contention from all branches of the government. After several years of discussion and contention Knoxville’s request was allowed after they agreed to waive the right to vote on national issues while maintaining their current tax obligations. (This approval also came shortly after several news agencies reported the Knoxville had threatened to close the wall and discontinue any outside contact with the US, basically granting themselves the same autonomy that they were asking the government to give them). It was also at this time that Knoxville officially changed its name to Knoxtopia, to represent their new autonomy and the establishment of their current multi-district government.

At the urging of 2 P.E.T agents, Oracle and Cypher, the smallest R-wall is built around the town of Prypiat, U.S.S.R (current Ukraine). Oracle had predicted the Chernobyl nuclear incident and was able to convince Cypher that it had to be prevented. The Prypiat R-wall (or the Cypher R-wall) was completed on April 24th, 1986 and is notable for preventing radiation from leaving the wall, rather than preventing it from entering the wall.

Portland, Oregon was added to the list of cities protected by an R-wall.

The Abnormal Human Gene Amendment (AHGA) was added to the Americans Disabilities Act (ADA). The AHGA, declared that all Americans with “abnormal” gene structures were protected under the ADA, and as such needed to declare their “abnormal” status when applying for state or government ID’s in order to protect the rights given to them by the ADA.

After several high-profile court cases, an addendum was made to the AHGA. The addendum made declaration of your “abnormal” status when appling for government ID’s voluntary. By not declaring ones “abnormal” status a person is actively waiving any protection that they would be entitled to under the original AHGA to the ADA.