Starting Character info

Here is some info to keep in mind for character creation for Knoxtopia. This list also presents some facts about the area that the game is taking place in.

  • You are Humanoid, you can be almost any race (please verify with me first) but you must have a humanoid form (basically you must be capable of looking enough like a human to hold down a part time job).
  • You will have the Super power edge (30 power points), and the Power Points Edge (from taking the weakness hindrance see the next bullet). So all said you will start with 35 power points, and baring any edges you take the most you can spend in a single power is 10 points.
  • You must take the Weakness (major) hindrance (see rewrite) in return you get the Power Points edge (5 power points). Minor adds +2 to damage when hit with the weakness and Major adds +4 to damage. Extended contact with your weakness will drain/negate your powers. Potential weaknesses: Fire/heat, water/cold, psionic, kinetic, slashing, magic, sonic, wind/lightning, etc.
  • The Guts skill will not be used. Any reference to the Guts skill will be replaced with Spirit.
  • Infection is not a selectable power.
  • Please think about what fluff you want your powers to have. Note: Fluff (what your power looks like, what it is made of, etc) will normally not have any effect on your powers but it will go a long way in determining how you can use your power when trying to do power tricks. If the trick you describe fits well with your fluff I am much more likely to allow the trick.
  • For area affect powers, you cannot take the “selective” modifier
  • If you have an idea for a power you want your character to have but nothing in the book matches up let me know and we can discuss it and come up with a workable power.
  • Each PC will get one “super” benny per session. You will not be able to gain extra super bennies. Your super benny can be used to re-roll any dice roll (including damage rolls, table rolls, or rolls made be NPC’s).
  • We will be using the damage is non-killing rules, unless otherwise noted.
  • Area effect powers are killing attacks (you can’t pull your punch on a grenade).
  • All “super” attacks on norms are killing unless dramatically appropriate for it not to be or the norm has special training (cop, lifetime thug/goon, militia, etc)
  • Only take transportation powers if you plan on using them in combat. (ex. If you are going to fly in and hit goons, buy fly. If you just want to fly so your hero doesn’t have to take the bus don’t buy it. You can have a thematic transportation power for free, I consider this part of the fluff of your character).
  • Each character will be given 4-ish units of free time. This represents the time that the character is out of costume, doing non-superhero activities and will refreash every 2-3 days in game. These units do not represent a set amount of time; they are intended to be an abstract way to allow you to generalize what your character is like away from the cape. It is assumed that you have a part-time job that supplies you enough to live on, with the support of your Hero pay, 1 unit would need to be spent to represent a full-time position (this would represent ease of purchasing items, and better cover story if needed). Every game session or 2 I will allow you to declare the rest of your free time, which can be used to relax, to do research (for a case or for a potential edge you plan on taking), to work out (for potential skill/attribute boosts you plan on taking), to take part in special events suggested by NPC’s, or just about anything else (we can negotiate how many units an event will take.

General Setting Notes

  • Knoxtopia was the first radiation wall protected city. The R-Wall is approximately 50 miles in diameter. Other R-Wall cities include Las Vegas, Chicago, Portland, Calgary (Canada), London (England), Zurich (Switzerland), and Prypiat (Ukraine)*
  • Knoxtopia is divided into 8 districts. Seymour, Maryville, Lenoir City, Clinton, Oak Ridge, Oliver Springs, Farragut/Louisville, and downtown. Public transportation is supplied by buses and monorail (elevated train).
  • The R-wall projects a field that creates a dome over the city and is only passable via the 3 gates (physical section of wall is approximately 30 foot wide) or by using a special device that allows entrance through the field (due to the potential for security breaches these devices are heavily guarded).
  • If you ask for it, it will probably happen (or appear in the city).

Starting Character info

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